Marketing should not be seen as a stand alone activity within your business. By taking an integrated approach it will become both holistic and also pro-active.

Integrated marketing allows the adoption of new methods and practices with implementation throughout your business.

Visionary specialises in developing and managing Digital Marketing campaigns, as part of an overall Integrated Marketing Strategy.

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Effective research will allow you to understand your existing and potential customers, will give you an overview of your competitors and identify the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats for your business (SWOT analysis).

Research should allow you to develop or improve your product and/or service offerings, and also give you an indication of the best communication methods that will reach your desired target audience.


Effective marketing Strategy development will be guided by your Research and also your business plan. A clear marketing strategy will provide direction for your marketing activity and also a way of measuring your activities. It will establish goals and the optimal marketing mix to achieve the goals.


From the Strategy, Campaigns can be created that are directed and utilise the best marketing communications mix to reach your desired outcome. Campaigns effectively detail the implementation of your strategy.

A Campaign is usually run over a period of months and will include a variety of measurable methods as determined by your strategy and marketing mix. This step will ensure that your marketing is proactive rather than reactive.


Once you have people interested in your business you need to ensure that they can 'do' business with you easily. The process of Enquiry, Conversion, Retention and Upselling. You need to measure the success of your marketing (or otherwise) make changes and go again.

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